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Accessible Services

The Merrickville Public Library is committed to providing equal access for everyone to our facilities and to reading, information, lifelong learning, literacy, and technology.

The Library provides its communications in alternate formats or with communication supports, on request. See Accessibility Policy  below for details.

The Library is committed to providing or arranging access to materials in accessible format, where they exist.


  • Large Print books
  • Audiobooks (CD & cassette)



  • Audio, e-text, Braille and other formats
  • Accessible books, newspapers & magazines
  • Material for all ages and interests
  • Summer Reading Club for Children
  • Accessible online services – read or do research on the web
  • Material in English or French

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We offer:

  • accessible Library website
  • DAISY reader available for short-term loan
  • magnifier/scanner
  • handheld magnifiers for in-library use
  • Bell relay call service for the hearing-impaired

Accessible computer workstation with:

  • height-adjustable desk
  • 24” monitor
  • keyboard with large print
  • large trackball
  • screen magnifier
  • screen reader
  • sticky keys

The Library offers:

  • exterior ramp
  • automated door
  • rollator
  • wheelchair lift to 2nd floor
  • accessible meeting room
  • accessible washrooms

Library staff can select books/other materials for members unable to visit the library, due to age, illness, frailty, or caregiver responsibilities.

Arrangements can be made for these items to be picked up, or delivered, if needed.

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The library is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of people with disabilities and ensuring they will benefit from the same opportunities and services the library affords to all other people. The library will comply with the spirit, principles and intent of the AODA regulations.


Merrickville Public Library:

  • Encourages the use of support persons in the library
  • Allows the use of service animals in the library
  • Allows the use of most assistive devices in the library
  • Will assist with the retrieval of information
  • Provides notice of disruptions to services/equipment that is of particular relevance to people with disabilities
  • Provides communications in alternate formats on request
  • Encourages feedback from the public
  • Provides training for staff and others representing the library
  • Maintains an Accessibility Task list
  • Provides Public access, on request, to:
  • Accessibility policies and procedures
  • Accessibility task list
  • Training records


The library shall make its communications available, upon request, in accessible formats or communications supports for persons with disabilities and shall make the availability of accessible communications known to the public. Types of communications include:

  • Policies
  • Accessibility plans
  • Emergency procedures, plan and public safety information prepared for the public
  • Forms, surveys and other tools used to gather feedback
  • Information on collections/materials in accessible format
  • Employment standards.

Accessible formats of the library’s communications shall be made available:

  • In a timely manner
  • At a cost that is no more than the regular cost charged to others for the communications
  • In consultation with the person making the request.


The library’s policies will incorporate practices which support accessibility. In accordance with the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation:

  • the Purchasing Policy includes accessibility criteria for procuring or acquiring goods, services or facilities and kiosks
  • the Personnel policy addresses training on IASR requirements and the Human Rights code, accommodation for applicants, support for employees, individualized emergency information, accommodation plans, performance management, career development and advancement, return to work and redeployment of employees with disabilities
  • the Collection Development Policy addresses accessible material formats


The library will work with the municipality to establish, implement, maintain and document a multi-year accessibility plan that will outline the library’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers – available on the municipal website.


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