More Library Services

Other Library Services include:

Book Clubs

Currently, 1 book club meets once a month in the library:

  • 2nd Tues. morning of the month

See our event calendar for the date and time for our book club »

Want to join our book club or start one of your own? Contact us »
Need books for your book club? We can supply books. Contact us! »
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“Kill-a-Watt” Energy Meters

The Library now offers Energy Meters for loan to the community. These meters are used to measure energy consumption of home appliances.
Want to learn more about our Kill-a-watt energy meters? Contact us »
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Soccer Balls

The Library partners with the Merrickville Soccer Club to lend soccer balls for use in the park.
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 Used Book Sales

In addition to our Internet and circulation services, the Merrickville Public Library holds on-going used book sales at the library. Lowest prices in town!
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