Using the Library – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Membership – How do I join the Library?
  2. Borrowing – What is the loan period for library materials?
  3. Returning Stuff – How can I return my library books?
  4. Overdue Books – What are the overdue charges?
  5. Catalogue – Is the Library catalogue online?
  6. Renewing – Can I renew my books?
  7. Reserving – Can I reserve a book?
  8. Online Catalogue Help – How do I use the online catalogue?

Membership – How do I join the Library?

  • Library membership is available FREE to residents of Merrickville-Wolford and Montague Township. Please bring identification when applying for membership.
  • Non-residents may join for an annual fee: $25 per household.

Merrickville Public Library currently enjoys a reciprocal borrowing agreement with North Grenville. Residents of North Grenville can apply for a FREE Merrickville Public Library membership.

Membership is required for borrowing library materials. Use of other library services, such as computers, programs, or genealogy and reference material is open to non-members.

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Borrowing – What is the loan period?

  • 3 weeks for most circulating materials.
  • 1 week for adult DVD movies (and other marked DVDs).

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Returning Stuff – How can I return my library books?

  • Open Hours: Return items to the front desk.
  • Closed Hours: Please use the Book Return drop in the front door.

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Overdue Books – What are the overdue charges?

  • 10 ¢/day for items from the adult collection. Maximum fine: $10.
  • 5¢/day for items from the children’s or teen collections. Maximum fine: $5.

Charge for lost or damaged items: Replacement cost of the item.

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Catalogue – Is the catalogue online?

Yes, our catalogue is available online. Click here to search our collection, renew or reserve books »

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Renewing – Can I renew my books?

  • You can renew items up to 2 times – in person, by phone, or online.
  • Renewals are for 3 weeks (or 1 week for DVDs).
  • Note: You cannot renew an item that is reserved by another member.

Find out how to renew books online »

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Reserving – Can I reserve a book?

Books, etc. may be reserved in person, by phone or online. You will be called when the item becomes available.

Find out how to reserve books online »

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Online Catalogue Help – How do I use the Online Catalogue?

Here is some basic information for getting started using the Catalogue. For additional information on using the Catalogue, click the Help button, which appears near the upper right corner of the Catalogue web page.

If you have any problems using the Web Catalogue, please contact the Librarian.

When you access the Library Web Catalogue, you will first see a page presenting the Standard Search.

To search for a book (or other item):

  • Enter a search term in the keyword box.
  • You can choose whether to search the Subject, Title or Author index – or all three at once using Anywhere (default option) by clicking one of the choices shown just below the keyword box.
  • Click the Search button to see the results of your search. The results screen which show for each item whether it is currently in the Library (green box) or on loan (red box).
  • You can use additional search methods by clicking Enhanced Search.

While it is not necessary to sign in to the Library system in order to search the collection, you must sign in if you wish to:

  • check the books you have on loan,
  • renew a loan,
  • reserve a book.

To Sign In:

  • Click My Account (on the left-hand menu) or Sign in (near the upper right hand corner).
  • Enter your Login Name/Barcode and Password in the boxes.
    To set up your Login & Password, contact the Librarian at 613-269-3326 or
  • Click the Sign In button.

To Reserve a book (or other item):

  • Use a Search to display the title you’re interested in.
  • Click the Details link for that book.
  • In the Details window, click the Reserve button beside the copy you’d like to reserve.
  • If the book is in the Library, it will be held for you to pick it up; if it is already in use by another member, your name will be added to the reserve list.

To Display your Current Transactions (that is, to list which library items you have out on loan):

  • Click the My Account link (found on a tab near the top of the window).
  • In the patron information window, click the Current Transactions link (located above your name in the middle of the screen)

To Renew a book (or other item):

  • Display your current transactions, as described above.
  • Click the Renew button beside the book you’d like to renew. (Note: the system does not allow online renewals of overdue items or of items on reserve for other patrons. To renew overdue items, contact the Librarian.)

Are you ready to get started?
Click here to open the Online Catalogue »

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