New Book Bonanza!

New Thrillers! 

Shadows Reel –  C J Box;
The Match  –  Harlan Coben;
The Chase  –  Candace Fox;
The Girls in the Garden  –  Lisa Jewell;
Killer View  –  Roy Johansen;
City of the Dead  –  Jonathan Kellerman;
The Mirror Man –  Lars Kepler;
The Lightning Rod  –  Brad Meltzer;
Run Rose Run –  Dolly Parton & James Patterson;
Nine Lives  –  Peter Swanson;

New Fiction!

The People’s Princess  –  Flora Harding;
Angels of the Pacific  –  Elise Hooper;
Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafe  –  Jodi Thomas;

New Science Fiction!

The Misfit Soldier  –  Michael Mammay;
Shards of Earth  –  Adian Tchaikovsky;

New Non-Fiction!

The Dawn of Everything:  a new history of humanity  –  David Graeber & D. Wengrove;

Move the Body, Heal the Mind: overcome anxiety, depression, and dementia and improve focus, creativity, and sleep  –  Jennifer Heisz;

Last Week’s New Books

photos of new book covers - see text

There is one comment

  1. Sic

    “The Dawn of Everything” is a biased disingenuous account of human history ( ) that spreads fake hope (the authors of “The Dawn” claim human history has not “progressed” in stages, or linearly, and must not end in inequality and hierarchy as with our current system… so there’s hope for us now that it could get different/better again). As a result of this fake hope porn it has been widely praised. It conveniently serves the profoundly sick industrialized world of fakes and criminals. The book’s dishonest fake grandiose title shows already that this work is a FOR-PROFIT, instead a FOR-TRUTH, endeavor geared at the (ignorant gullible) masses.

    Fact is human history has “progressed” by and large in linear stages, especially since the dawn of agriculture ( ). The book’s alleged major “fundamental” insight is “the ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently” (the first part of that statement is hardly a great insight because a perceptive child can recognize that) YET fails to answer why we do NOT make it differently than it is now if we, supposedly can make it “EASILY” different, why we’ve been “stuck” in this destructive sytem for a very long time. THAT is really where “the ultimate, hidden truth” is buried and the answer is… it is because of the enduring hegemony of “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” ( ) which the fake hope-giving authors of “The Dawn” entirely ignore naturally (no one can write a legitimate human history without understanding the nature of humans)

    A good example that one of the authors, Graeber, has no real idea what world we’ve been living in and about the nature of humans is his last brief article on Covid where his ignorance shines bright already at the title of his article, “After the Pandemic, We Can’t Go Back to Sleep.” Apparently he doesn’t know that most people WANT to be asleep, and that they’ve been wanting that for thousands of years (and that’s not the only ignorant notion in the title). Yet he (and his partner) is the sort of person who thinks he can teach you something authentically truthful about human history and whom you should be trusting along those terms. Ridiculous!

    “The Dawn” is just another fantasy, or ideology, cloaked in a hue of cherry-picked “science,” served lucratively to the gullible ignorant underclasses who crave myths and fairy tales.


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