New – Canadian & Thrillers!

Canadian Titles!

What Strange Paradise  –  Omar El Akkad  (Canada Reads);
Scarborough  –  Catherine Hernandez  (Canada Reads);
When We Lost Our Heads  –  Heather O’Neill;

New Thrillers! 

Sierra Six-  Mark Greaney (Gray Man series);
Beach Wedding  –  Michael Ledwidge;
Abandoned in Death  –  J D Robb;

More Popular Authors!

Her Turn  –  Katherine Ashenburg;
The Paper Palace-  Miranda Cowley Heller;
Dawnshard  –  Brandon Sanderson (Stormlight Archive series);

Last Week’s New Books

photo of new books - see text


You can place holds online using your new library card, or by contacting the Library.   You can pick up your new card at the Library (or contact us)

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