New Canada Reads & More

photo of new book covers

Canada Reads 2021

Butter Honey Pig Bread  –  Francesca Ekwuyasi;
Hench  –  Natalie Zina Walschots;
Jonny Appleseed  –  Joshua Whitehead;

New Thrillers

The Power Couple  –  Alex Berenson;
The Survivors  –  Jane Harper;
The Truth About Melody Browne  –  Lisa Jewell;
Faithless in Death  –  J.D. Robb;
Ice Cold Heart  –  P.J. Tracy;

New Romance

First light in Morning Star  –  Charlotte Hubbard;
The Vineyard at Painted Moon  –  Susan Mallery;
Boone (The McBrides of Texas)  – Emily March;

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