Art Workshops for Kids!

Concentric Circles by Kandinsky

Local artist Gloria Stowell has an exciting new idea for our Brenda Carter Memorial Art Workshops for Kids this fall!

Join Gloria & Kathy for a series of workshops where kids will be introduced to the work of different famous artists and then will create a piece in that style. These workshops, geared for older kids and teens, would run once a month, but we are hoping for young artists who would participate on an ongoing basis to develop their skills.

Our first workshop on Wed, Sept. 28 at 4:00 pm will look at the artist Wassily Kandinsky and his circle paintings, then make one of our own. This will be an introduction for our October workshop, where we will take what we’ve learned about Kandinsky’s use of colour to create an autumn painting.

If you are interested in participating in this free art program, contact the Library (or 613-269-3326).

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